Car Warrior

Live your childhood memories and fun again with the exciting car warrior game. Enjoy car racing game with Car Warriors App!!!

Car Warrior

About the App

Crazy about car racing? Enjoy the extreme fun & action with this thrilling Car Warrior app!!

Remember your childhood days when you must have had fun while playing enthralling car racing games on television. To re-live that experience and those cherishing memories of car racing challenges, subscribe to this Car Warrior app. Stunning retro graphics, obsessive game play and intense Cops vs. player competitions make this game more interesting and enthusiastic. Making it more energetic, the chase between the cops and players can indulge the player in game, completely.

Car Warrior has exciting features that include various types of AI cars, different sorts of challenges, multiple levels of difficulties, Facebook score-share option, police cars, special Dollar car and much more. These features are enough to captivate anyone and make them engaged for long time.

Car Warrior stunning retro graphics will get the attention of mobile game lovers, and inspire them to take the challenges of cops. While racing, the player can cover endless distance and earn points by collecting dollars (symbols). This superb app would surely fulfill the need of each racing game lover. Download the app and start the excitement!!

How It Work

How It Works?

Mobile app, Car warrior is developed especially for the iPhone users. IOS users' can download this app from iTunes. Once you have downloaded & installed, it is ready for play. Before playing, you should completely & coherently understand the rules and regulations of the game, as to, how to play it. For playing this game, the player should use all natural motions to steer the car. Once the player taps on the play button, he or she gets a complete control of car and game as well.

In the middle of the game, the player can also pause the game, whenever & wherever required. Once the game is paused, three options, namely, play, restart and menu, will appear on the screen. The player can select any of the options to continue with the game app. After restarting the game, enjoy the exciting game again and have a winning score marked. Once the game is over, the screen will reflect with a total of all earned points that accounts for total distance & total cash collected.

With game over option in main menu, the player can share their top score on Facebook and set targets for his or her friends.

It's a complete fun and challenging game application, which makes the player full of zeal, fun and feel energetic.



These screenshots can provide you a quick view of the Car Warrior app and its ultimate features.


A fantastic car racing app that makes you feel car warrior. Only for iPhone users. Download this app now!!