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Effortlessly management of housing society operations just on your fingertips. Enjoy the personalized society management features at PropKeep App.

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About the App

Looking for a constant and viable solution for housing problems? If so, then just have this society maintenance app installed in your smart phone!!

PropKeep is a mobile app where you will find options to manage your day to day operations pertaining to housing society. With an increase in population, the housing society trend has come into existence and that too with much prominence. Residential societies have developed community houses, but, there have been problems in this housing system as well. Most of the times it is arduous to manage complete housing society, at once. Staying large number of people in a same place can lead to various problems.

But, through PropKeep it is convenient to connect with all the members of society, and provide them with the best maintenance and allied services. Through this interactive & smart mobile application, the residents of the society will be able to put maintenance requests, pay maintenance / electricity bills, view any notices / announcements, and a lot more. Thus, it is the best solution that the societies can have for managing their operations in an efficient manner.

PropKeep is designed to fulfill the needs of both residential and commercial properties. It's brilliant features not only resolve societal issues, but also provide an exclusive platform, where members can connect and enjoy a support & togetherness while in a peaceful stay.

How It Work

How It Works?

Once installed, this application can prove to be the best app for housing society maintenance operations.

This application is immensely interactive and valuable in terms of providing solutions to your housing society issues. Following the basic registeration steps, you are ready to use this app. After registering, you can simply enjoy its various features. On the home screen, you will have multiple options, Maintenance Request, Maintenance Bill, Domestic help, and My circle & contracts to name a few. With maintenance request, you can register your maintenance problems that would be addressed direcltly by the concern person. Additionally, you can also pay your maintenace bills, through this app.

With Domestic help will be the biggest option that will surely whim you. Through this feature, you can connect with society workers like maid, parking cleaner etc., and hire them for your tasks. If you like connecting new people and enjoy their companionship, then My circle & Contacts, feature would prove most useful. Through this feature, you can easily connect with the other society members and can have a casual chat with them.

In this app, you will also explore the Notification feature, which provides you with a complete information of society and bills buzz. Additionally, customization of application features can be done through 'settings'.

So, a complete valuable package in itself, PropKeep is a perfect applicatiopn to start with and have easy society solutions.



Enjoy this app with a personalized society management features displayed through screenshots!!


Get complete personalized society maintenance solutions with PropKeep. Download this app now!!

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