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About the App

EO, Entrepreneur Organzation, as the name suggests is a global network that is created for young and dynamic entrepreneurs of today's time. A virtual platform that assists leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow through peer-to-peer learning, share lifetime experiences, and much more. This application is build for some global members from all across the 40 countries. With a vision of building the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs, it provides a stage for the members to connect, interact, share, learn and grow.

This Application entails a list of over 121 chapters (cities across the world) and update the events if any, inside the chapters (cities) and provides the details of events. Authorized EO Global members can login with their network credentials and check the membership directory. This app provides regular updates about the global learning event that are organized in any chapter. These learning events provide business owners with knowledge, skills and tools to grow their businesses and takke them towards further development.

How It Work

How It Works?

EO global app is only for Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) Global members. Only registered members can use it. The members can easily download this app from Google play store. Once the app is install, the members need to make their account and register with app. The profile presents a basic information of the members.

Just like social media applications, members can 'follow' and can be 'followed by' in this app as well. If they like to change their chapter and want to join any chapter from thr available 121 chapters, they can do that as well. Even the members can generate a passbook and can check in through network credentials and check out the membership directory.

The reputed members of EO global can check out forum update, Mails, meeting documents, news & videos that are updated by other members. Through EO Global app, members can directly connect with other global members, and can interact with them, as well. Even members can check out exclusive deals on hotels, travel, lifestyle, retail, etc., and can get the best deals out of it.

In a nutshell, EO global app is a platform where EO members of 40 Countries and 121 Chapters can connect with each other, interact and share the ideas and views.



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